I was back to normal activity in a very short period.

Having been treated by a senior physiotherapist for more than ten days for a severe back pain which had rendered me totally immobile and had required me to lie motionless on the floor, little progress was evident. A colleague referred me to Hamilton Semple who made a domiciliary visit at short notice. During the course of that visit Hamilton had me on my feet with support and within days had me walking with support. Following a very focused and tailored programme of treatment, I was back to normal activity in a very short period. I can recommend Hamilton without reservation.

Professor Frank Pignatelli CBE

I am pleased to be able to provide a recommendation.

I am pleased to be able to provide a recommendation for Mr Hamilton Semple in the capacity of Osteopath. I presented to Mr Semple with chronic back pain from a long standing sports injury and was unable to sleep comfortably, sit for long periods and had limited movement. Over several months, I was treated by Mr Semple and the condition improved markedly, resulting in total pain relief and considerably increased flexibility. During this time he kept me well informed as to the progress of my treatment and, after an initial treatment period, let me decide the frequency of my visits to his clinic. In addition, I found Hamilton to be very supportive and flexible regarding other aspects of the treatment regime. I still visit Mr Semple infrequently for any minor back and neck problems and the treatment is always of a high standard. I have complete confidence in his ability to treat me. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr Semple to any potential client suffering from chronic back pain or other comparable condition. I am sure they would find his treatment very effective, just as I have done.

Robin Plevin (Professor of Pharmacology, University of Strathclyde)

I recommend the care of Hamilton Semple, Osteopath.

I initially began seeing Hamilton in July of 2003, for I had been experiencing acute neck pain. After three or four treatments, this problem cleared up, and I have since paid better attention to my neck, making sure I stretch regularly and maintain better posture. Between the summer of 2003 and 2004 I have seen Hamilton for help with several other problems, including lower and mid-back pain, and pain in my right hip. All of these ailments have been treated successfully, with gentle care and attention. When I have had questions about problems, or about what I can do to avoid them in the future, Hamilton has always been very helpful. I would recommend Hamilton Semple very highly.

Dr Tobias Capwell,(Curator, Arms & Armour, Glasgow Museums)

The osteopathic treatment which Hamilton has administered has been extremely successful.

I first met Hamilton Semple in November 2003. In the previous six months I had suffered from severe lower back pain and considerable pain down my left hip, leg and ankle. The pain was so acute that I could not remain in a standing position for more than 2 minutes at a time. My GP diagnosed prolapsed discs in my lower back advised me to undergo a course of physiotherapy. Despite the fact that physiotherapy is the standard treatment in such cases, after 8 weeks of intensive physiotherapy (coupled with daily exercises which I performed in the morning, afternoon and evening) there was no noticeable change in my condition. I was then referred to a consultant neurosurgeon. After two consultations and tests, he advised me to opt for a partial discectomy given the severity of the pain. I was told that this would involve part of the discs in my lower back being cut out, an operation which would hopefully alleviate the pain in my back and left side. The consultant did say that the operation carried risks and that it could even make my condition worse. He was, however, hopeful that the operation would provide some relief. Whilst contemplating surgery, a work colleague suggested I try visiting an osteopath for treatment. He had heard that such 'alternative' treatment could prove as equally successful as surgery. I therefore decided to delay any decision on surgery until I had visited an osteopath (I viewed neurosurgery very much as a last resort). I made an appointment to visit Hamilton at the start of November 2003. We discussed my case history in quite some detail which allowed Hamilton to build a detailed patient profile. He then examined my lower back and left side and asked me to perform a few simple exercises. Hamilton then discussed with me his background in the profession, told me of similar cases he had treated and said he was confident that he could help to alleviate at least some of my pain. He did stress on more than one occasion during my first visit (and again at subsequent sessions) that he could not promise osteopathy would eliminate all the pain, though he was hopeful he could help. Hamilton then treated me for about 25 minutes and my first session ended. I agreed to continue the treatment until Christmas as this would allow me to monitor whether my condition was improving. I have faithfully visited Hamilton for treatment since the beginning of November 2003 (with the exception of holidays etc.) throughout 2004 and into 2005. Given my improvement, the frequency of my visits has been reduced to 6 weekly. The osteopathic treatment which Hamilton has administered has been extremely successful. The pain in my left side has almost been completely eliminated. I have full mobility in my lower back which makes standing up unsupported now possible. Simple things which I could not do (walk to the shops, stand to wait for a bus, sit for prolonged periods of time etc) and which other people take for granted are now possible again. I have even been able to begin exercising again even undertaking quite vigorous and strenuous activities. I no longer need to take the eight painkilling tablets which I was taking to reduce the pain. I have been extremely impressed by Hamilton's professionalism during my time as his patient and his ability as an osteopath. I would have no hesitation in recommending his services to my family, friends and colleagues and I have already done so.

Stephen Kerr

I now enjoy a better quality of life without the need for prescribed painkillers or anti-inflammatory tablets.

I commenced treatment with Hamilton on July 2002 with numerous aches and pains from my neck,arms,shoulder,back,ribs and pelvic area. Due to regular treatment sessions with Hamilton, I now enjoy a better quality of life without the need for prescribed painkillers or anti-inflammatory tablets. Hamilton also administered treatment for my distressing symptoms associated with Tinnitus and Sinusitis with complete success. I have complete confidence in Hamiltons' abilities and professionalism, and have no reservations in recommending him to friends or family, and have done so on many occasions.

Jean Howie

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