Symptons and Conditions

Back pain

Back pain and how to relieve the back pain is what most of us think whenever an osteopath is mentioned in daily life. This is what we are trained to alleviate through clinical observation, examination and treatment. We diagnose the particular structure that is giving the pain. The pain may arise in the vertebrae (bone) itself, in the spine, or in a muscle or ligament, or in a joint. These pains may, for example, ultimately result in osteoporosis, repetitive strain injury (RSI) and nerve root irritation.

Joint pain

Joint pain may arise from within the joint itself through deterioration of the articular cartilage, for example Osteoarthritis (see below for further information on this condition) or from a nerve supplying the joint, for example nerve irritation.

Ligament and muscle strains

Muscle strains may arise through overuse of the muscles, for example, in extended activities, bad postures or sports. Repetitive strain injuries are now more common with widespread use of computers. Ligament strains or injuries often arise after an accident, for example, turning an ankle. The blood supply is relatively poor here and therefore healing will take longer.

Use of hydrotherapy, i.e. the applications of hot and cold water compresses to the affected site, alongside osteopathic treatment can reduce the healing time.

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