Osteopath can help with a number of issues.

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Back Pain, Joint Pain & Strains

  • Back Pain

    Trained to alleviate through clinical observation. Read more about back pain.

  • Joint pain

    Joint pain may arise from within the joint itself. Read more about joint pain.

  • Ligament and muscle strains

    Muscle strains may arise through overuse of the muscles. Read more about ligament and muscle pain.


  • Arthritis

    Arthritis can be a very debilitating condition and osteopathy may offer a very welcome relief. Read more about arthritis.


Headaches & Jaw Problems

  • Headaches

    Treatments on the head and face can improve. Read more about headaches.

  • Jaw problems (TMJ)

    After accidents, or an extended visit to the dentist. Read more about jaw problems.

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