Classical Osteopathy

Osteopathy involves a series of movements designed to correct disturbances in muscles, ligaments and joints. It is also so much more than correcting musculoskeletal disturbances. Often the blood and nerve supply to the various tissues and organs of the body are obstructed. By specific movements in and around these tissues, and distant to the site of pain, osteopaths are able to release these obstructions.

In essence osteopathy is about adjustment and integration of the spine. That is, usually it’s best to treat the whole of the spine to achieve optimum results. The treatment involves gentle and precise movements to target pain relief. It is therefore very effective for the young, middle-aged, and elderly patients.

Away from his clinic, Hamilton likes to participate in choral singing, hill-walking and running. In general he has a great interest in sports, including golf and tennis. He also enjoys the arts, cinema in particular.

How can an Osteopath help?

Painful joints and muscles may arise through specific injuries, accidents, sprains and falls or problems with posture, occupation, habits and heredity. Other symptoms can be compensatory problems arising from elsewhere in the body or reflex problems caused by a diseased organ of the body.

Hamilton Semple B.A. (Hons.) D.O. M.I.C.O.

This is a professional and friendly Osteopathic Practice. It is run by Hamilton Semple, who is a qualified, registered, experienced and skilled classical osteopathic practitioner.

Hamilton Semple took his first degree in Social Sciences in London. He subsequently qualified as an osteopath in Maidstone, Kent in 1991. A year later he became a Member of the Institute of Classical Osteopathy, passing the Post-Graduate Diploma in Osteopathy. After being in London and Kent, Hamilton returned home to Glasgow.

Hamilton is affiliated with the PGA Tour (Professional Golfers Association) as an official osteopath.

Hamilton Semple


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