I am pleased to be able to provide a recommendation for Mr Hamilton Semple in the capacity of Osteopath. I presented to Mr Semple with chronic back pain from a long standing sports injury and was unable to sleep comfortably, sit for long periods and had limited movement. Over several months, I was treated by Mr Semple and the condition improved markedly, resulting in total pain relief and considerably increased flexibility. During this time he kept me well informed as to the progress of my treatment and, after an initial treatment period, let me decide the frequency of my visits to his clinic. In addition, I found Hamilton to be very supportive and flexible regarding other aspects of the treatment regime. I still visit Mr Semple infrequently for any minor back and neck problems and the treatment is always of a high standard. I have complete confidence in his ability to treat me. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr Semple to any potential client suffering from chronic back pain or other comparable condition. I am sure they would find his treatment very effective, just as I have done.

Robin Plevin (Professor of Pharmacology, University of Strathclyde)